Posted on May 12, 2020


Research has shown that, "One of the best predictors of whether kids feel happy in school is whether they feel comfortable and competent during recess.” (Bornstein, 2011). Happiness is a byproduct of outdoor play on a playground, and thus "joy begets joy" when kids can continually head outdoors to explore, learn, and grow.

We recently had the privilege of working closely with the team at Burke Ward Public School, NSW and transforming their school playground into a fun, bright and vibrant engaging space. The addition of a range of playground markings such as number target, hopscotch, snakes and ladders, twister, mirror me, snail, logo etc is sure to bring a lot of excitement. fun and play back into the playground. 🤩🤸‍♀️🤩🎲🎲🤸‍♀️😀🤩🎲🎲
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