Posted on Feb 12, 2021

EduMarking - Playground Markings (We Service Australia Wide)

Happy Friday Afternoon 🤩🤩🤸🤸😀😀🤩🤩
When kids play, they develop reflexes and learn fine and gross motor skills, flexibility, and balancing skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Play is an integral part of neurological growth and development in young children. The school playground is an extension of the classroom and is a place where early social learning takes place. Playground markings are one of the best ways to encourage an active lunchtime break. Carefully chosen playground markings are able to boost physical activity levels, reinforce learning goals, and encourage more positive social interaction, while remaining inclusive and motivational for students of various interests and skill levels. We recently had the opportunity to work closely with Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII, NSW and transforming their plain playground space into a bright, engaging and active learning space. End Result = Lots of Smiles 😀😀🤩🤩🤸🤸🤸🧠🧠
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